1. Entries Entries for all classes must be on Official Entry Forms accompanied by full fee, which must reach 67 Rosary Place, Midleton by Friday 13th March 2020. All cheques payable to Féile an tSamhraidh.
  2. Candidates may enter each class for one age level only e.g. Violin U-8 or Violin U-10. You may not enter both.
  3. A first prize-winning item may not be entered in whole or part in the following year’s feis.
  4. Candidates may not repeat pieces in multiple competitions.
  5. Candidate’s age is as on the 1st January of the current year. Proof of age may be required in cases of doubt and must be produced or risk elimination.
  6. A copy of the work to be performed must be handed to the adjudicator’s assistant with Candidate’s number only. The adjudicator may not be approached before or during a competition. Photocopies submitted will be kept and destroyed after the competition.
  7. Performers are reminded of copyright law and should not play from photocopies except to aid performance e.g. to assist with page turns or to enlarge print.
  8. There are no official accompanists available at Féile an tSamhraidh. Performers are advised to make private arrangements for same (accompanists cannot be expected to provide their service free of charge). Use of recorded accompaniments and/or backing tracks is not permitted.
  9. A performer must check in at least 20 minutes before his/her competition begins and must present himself/herself on stage in correct order.
  10. First prize will not be awarded unless a sufficiently high standard has been reached.
  11. Bursary awards must have achieved a distinction standard and the decision to award the bursary is at the sole discretion of the Adjudicator.
  12. Candidate’s marks and Adjudicator’s notes will be supplied at the end of each class.
  13. Perpetual trophies, cups etc, must be returned to Betty Moloney no later than 1st February of the following year. Any damage to cups must be repaired to the satisfaction of the organising committee.
  14. Not returning awards will result in those registered as in their possession being fined the replacement value of the award.
  15. Winners of perpetual awards are reminded to arrange name engraving as soon as possible after receiving award. Engraving is the sole responsibility of the winner.
  16. The Organising Committee reserves the right to amalgamate or subdivide competitions.
  17. Time limits will be strictly adhered to and penalizing points will result if time is exceeded. The bell will ring to notify competitor that they have exceeded time limit.
  18. The use of any form of audio or visual recording is prohibited within all of the venues during Féile an tSamhraidh.
  19. The decision of the Adjudicators shall in all cases be decisive as to merit. In all other matters, the decision of the Organising Committee is final and the interpretation of the rules subject to it alone.
  20. Attention Teachers: As a guideline to teachers where own choice pieces are presented, it is expected that music from the examination syllabi of reputable colleges or a standard equal to them be presented.

Féile an tSamhraidh, 8th, 9th & 10th May 2020

Closing date for entries: 13th March, 2020
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Organising Committee

Chairperson Betty Moloney
Director Mary Corbett
Committee Anne Anderson, Sharon Moloney, Ciara Scully

Adjudicators 2020

Mairead Buicke, BA (Perf), MA (Perf);

Prof Anthony Byrne, ARCM;

Sr Karol O’Connell, O.S.B. MA;

Sebastien Petiet, MA (Perf)

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